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Revolving Glass Turnstiles

revolving glass turnstiles revolving glass turnstiles


Revolving Glass Turnstiles

  • Throughput: 12 to 15 persons per minute with access control.
  • Rotor Arm height from Ground: + 840 mm 120 deg. stop (Tri arm)
  • Positive action lock is provided to prevent multiple persons access or exit.
  • Anti-back up device to prevent reverse rotation after 25deg.
  • The cabinet is made of heavy gauge mild steel with epoxy powder coated finish or stainless steel to ensure long trouble free
  • operating life and requiring minimal maintenance.
  • A Self-centered mechanism with hydraulic damping to ensure complete rotation of the tripod head to reset position.
  • Temp. Range : 5 deg. to + 55 deg. Centigrade.
  • Turnstile is certified by an authorized certification.
  • Ingress protection shall be of at least IP54/NEM3, is rugged and Industrial type.
  • Direction of entry: Bi-directional / Unidirectional (Controlled and free rotation).
  • This is compatible to any access-exit control/ attendance/pay roll system/ device.
  • It has side hand rail to prevent forced side entry of persons.

Passage width: 450mm

Construction: A full security tamper resistant controlled access revolving door with three vanes positioned at 120° from each other incorporate a precise automatic rest for each position with shock suppression and anti-backup features.

Locking: Mechanism to prevent the turnstile rotating in the opposite direction once it has traveled 25 degree past the rest position.

Self centering mechanism:With hydraulic damping to ensure head always rotates quietly and smoothly to the neutral position

revolving glass turnstiles