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CC Camera


CC Camera

Shalom Enterprises brings its customers the latest world class CCTV Cameras with advanced technology which makes surveillance from all the angles easy and effortless.

Security has become a major worry for individuals, families, residential apartments, gated communities, business enterprises, corporate houses, organisations, financial institutions, banks, schools, colleges, campuses, hotels, hospitals, scientific establishments, and places of sensitivity. In fact, today every inch of the space requires monitoring through CC Cameras. Families need to monitor moments of suspicious persons lurking around. Working couple need to monitor their maids, babysitters, housekeeping staff, caretaking nursing staff through CC Cameras.

CC Cameras supplied by Shalom Enterprises fulfil all the needs in surveillance with foolproof security to your locations delivering highest standards of quality performance with sound backup systems and efficient customer service support. Our wide range of CC Camera products deliver high definition picture quality with bright colours and sharpness enabling you to identify everything in detail and crystal clear. Shalom Enterprises has a range of CC Camera products that suits every individual and customer's security needs.

Our range of products in CC Cameras include Dome Cameras, IR Dome Cameras, IR Bullet Camera, Box Camera, Outdoor Speed Dome Camera, IP Camera Systems, Geo Vision Systems, 2 Camera Systems, 4 Camera Systems, 8 Camera Systems, 16 Camera Systems. All these CC Camera products by supplied by Shalom Enterprises come in aesthetic designs that enhances the beauty of your interior decor system.