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Our Profile

Shalom Enterprises, a topnotch security systems and access control equipment manufacturing company has since its inception in 1994 risen phenomenally to become a global leader in supplying high standard quality access control equipment and systems to hundreds of its clients across the world. For its Good Manufacturing Practices, strict quality policy regulations, high safety compliances of its products, and excellent customer services of international standards, Shalom has been awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Shalom has ultra-modern manufacturing facilities in Hyderabad with advanced state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery and equipment. Shalom designs, develops and manufactures various types of customized security products that are quite compatible to be integrated to different types of access control systems such as Biometric Systems, Proximity, Smart Card, etc and other access control systems. These very products are supplied to major system integrators in India and the world market on OEM basis.

What makes Shalom Enterprises a world leader is, is its commitment to quality and dedicated services to its customers. Shalom continuously improvises on its product designs keeping in view of its clients' needs. The quality compliances that are in place at its manufacturing facility is of the highest standards. The quality tests and the endurance tests that its products are subjected to under arduous weather conditions speaks volumes of its products quality and guaranteed reliability. Besides, all these products are safety compliant.

To put it simply, Shalom's core strengths lies in its engineering innovation, creative custom-designs, continuous improvisation on product designs, ensuring rigid safety standards in its product, strict quality assurance tests, endurance tests for robustness of its products, sustaining long-lasting and reliability, simplified installation processes, easy maintenance, safe handling, excellent customer services have all made Shalom Enterprises rise to become a global leader leaving its competitors miles behind.

The products range of Shalom Enterprises comprises of Boom Barriers, Flush/Hump Spike Systems, Tripod Turnstiles, Road Blockers, Full Height Turnstiles, Rising Bollards, Gate Automation, Flap Barriers, Crash Resistance Barriers, Door Interlocking System, Solar Power Fence, Eletro Magnetic Locks etc.