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Flap Barriers


flap barriers

The drive mechanism incorporates a torque controlled DC Servo motor using latest PWM Technology to keep pace with upcoming technologies with almost 100% duty cycle & Operating on single arm against retractable barrier. This produces a speed controlled motion. The lever arm can be adjusted so that panels can be opened after certain force is applied at a certain position. In the even of power failure panels can be specified to remain closed (Fail Locked mode) OR Open (Fail Safe mode). The retractable barrier can be operated in normally closed or open mode (Optional)


  1. Opening time: 1.0 second
  2. Drive systems incorporate highly reliable torque controlled DC servo motor
  3. Passage clearance 520 or 900 mm
  4. High throughput
  5. Optical beams for safety movements
  6. Bi-directional control
  7. Close mode of operation / Normally Open
  8. Ensures rapid, efficient & safe access Control.
  9. Opto-isolated inputs & outputs for interfacing external device.


Technical details:

  • Opening/closing time: S 1.0

  • Protection: IP 54

  • Voltage: 230V A.C

  • Current: 1

  • Duty cycle: 100%

  • Length: 660mm

  • Width: 300 – 490mm

  • Height: 1000mm



flap barriers