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Door Interlocking System

Door Interlocking System

Door Interlocking System

We are glad to introduce ourselves as pioneers in manufacturing Door interlocking system with new micro controller based with Electromagnetic Locks to control cross contamination.

Our Systems are very much applicable in the following areas:

  1. Clean rooms
  2. Pass boxes
  3. Air locks
  4. Pass throughs modules
  5. Bio clean workbench
  6. Air showers
  7. Clean room garment locker
  8. Operation theatres
  9. ICU’s etc.,

System Description:

Interlocking system can control two or more doors in a way that to give access to any one door and it will never allow to open any adjacent two doors simultaneously.
The following are the most important characteristics of the interlocking system:
Door Interlocking Systema. Two Doors Closed mode: In this mode both doors are closed and locked by means of Electromagnetic Lock or Electric Door Strike. Any one who wants to get the access can enter by passing the push button switch. When the first door is opened second door remain closed till the first one is closed i.e. both doors will not open simultaneously.
There by you are preventing clean air contamination and you are saving air conditioning losses.
b. Two Door Open Mode: In this mode both doors are normally unlocked condition. By opening door-1, door-2 automatically gets locked and will not open till the first door is closed.
c. Our control panels are available in 2-door, 4-door, 8-door & 16-door control models.
d. In case of any emergency like fire, our system is coming with 2 relay outputs one will open all the doors another relay close all the doors in special protection areas.
e. According to your applications we will provide customized solutions.
We are satisfying our customers in pharma industry since 12 years by providing accurate & adequate systems according to their requirement with lowest possible prices.

Technical Specififcations For Control Panel

Power supply 230V, ±10% 50 Hz single phase
Operating voltage 12V D.C
Absorbed Current 500mAmp for control panel
No. of manoeuvres in 24 h Continuous service
Environmental conditions -15° C to +60° C
Degree of protection IP 55
Control unit weight 0.4kg
Enclosure M.S Body powder coated
Technical Specififcations For Feather Touch Switches

Operating voltage : 2.5V D.C

Absorbed Current : 30 mAmp

Technical Specifications For Magnetic Contact

Operating voltage : 3.5 V D.C

Absorbed Current : 25 mAmp

Door Interlocking System Door Interlocking System

Door Interlocking System