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Electro Magnetic Locks

Models available in Electro Magnetic Locks:

EM Lock -1200Lbs SE ML 600 (600Lbs, 12vD C, 500m Amp, Indication LED)
EMlock-600Lbs SE ML 600 (600Lbs, 12vD C, 500m Amp, Indication LED)
EM lock With Feedback-600Lbs SE MLF 600 (600Lbs, 12vD C, 500m Amp Indication LED)
Flange Type EM Lock -600Lbs SE MLMR 600 (600Lbs,12v D C, 500mAmp)
EMlock-300Lbs SE ML 300 (300Lbs, 12v/D C, 380m Amp)
EM lock with feed back-300Lbs SE MLIS 300 (300Lbs,12v/ D C, 380m Amp)
Flange Type with feed back -300Lbs SE MLISF 300 (300Lbs, 12v/ D C, 380mAmp)
Flange Type, PermanentMagnet-300Lbs SE MLFP 300 (300Lbs,12v/ D C, 380m Amp)

Magnetic Lock Technical Specifications

Holding Force 300, 600,1200 Lbs
Operating Voltage 12 V & 24V D.C
Current 250 & 500m Amps
Operational temperature -20C to +60C
Degree of protection IP 65
Protection level Flame, Tamper proof & weather proof
Availability With permanent magnet & with Feed back
Warranty Seven Years
Mounting Type Surface & mortised
No. of manoeuvres in 24 h Continuous service
Finish Nickel coated.


POWER TO LOCK/POWER TO OPEN changeable on site

STAINLESS STEEL STRIKER Extra strength for latch

EXTRA SECURITY 3 hardened locking pins

CONTNUOUSLY RATED SOLENOID,Solenoid can be continously powered

INSTALLATION TEMPLATE Easy to use stick-on template for faster installations