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Crash Resistance Barriers

Crash Resistance Barriers

Designed to prevent forced vehicle entries, vehicle ramming & vehicle based attacks. These barriers are ideally suited for military installations, oil refineries, power plants, nuclear facilities, embassies and government buildings.

Electromechanical drive unit is designed for heavy duty operation. All mechanical components are encapsulated in a weather resistant, water tight capsule filled with oil for silent and maintenance free operation.

The steel boom rests on locking type stands, placed at each end of the boom. Boom stands are made of heavy steel pipe and are embedded in reinforced concrete. When the boom is hit by a vehicle, the impact energy is efficiently transferred to the foundation through the boom rest.

Open Time 6 sec.
Boom Pipe 75 x 75 x 3mm
Double fork Rest K
Duty Cycle 50%
Balance By counter weight & Internal Spring
Manual man oeuvre Personalized release key – knob
Power Supply 230V+ 10% 50/ 60 Hz single – phase
Motor revolutions 1450 rpm
Absorbed power 250W
Capacitor 15 uF