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Boom Barriers

Boom Barriers

SHALOM® range of barriers are built from heavy gauge steel and the folded, welded case makes it extremely sturdy. The high torque electro-mechanical motor and gearbox are spring loaded and damped, decreasing mechanical stress and providing long term durability and problem free service.

Boom: Built from highly stable Aluminium alloy to produce rectangular / round profile

Boom BarriersBoom Barriers

opening times:Models available from 2.5mts to 8mts


Boom Length opening time in seconds
2.5mts 2 sec
3mts 2.5 sec
4mts 4 sec
5mts 7 sec
6mts 7-9 sec
7mts 9-11 sec
8mts 12-16 sec


Power Supply 230V+ 10% 50/ 60 Hz single – phase.
Motor revolutions 1400 rpm
Absorbed power 250W
Capacitor 15 uF
Max Absorbed Current 1Amp
Insulation class F
Thermal protection 110° C
Manual man oeuvre Personalized release key – knob
No. Manoeuvres in 24 hrs Continuous service
Environmental conditions 15° C to +60° C
Degree of protection IP 53
Lubrication Erg oil